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Simple input using Vue

Simplest possible way of getting event information back to Node-RED using a uibuilder helper function. The method works with any DOM event. Demonstrated here with a simple button click.

Send Something To Node-RED

You can also very simply create a form like this using Vue & bootstrap-vue. The form sends data back to Node-RED. Look at the increment method in index.js to see how easy this is.

To tick or not to tick? That is the question
Increment   Click Counter: {{counterBtn}}.

Click on the button to increment the counter. It sends the data dynamically back to Node-RED as well.

Dynamic Data

Uses Vue to dynamically update in response to messages from Node-RED.

Check out the mounted function in index.js to See how easy it is to update Vue data from Node-RED.

Messages: Received={{msgsReceived}}, Sent={{msgsSent}}



The received message is from the input to the uibuilder node. The send message will appear out of port #1 of the node.

Control Messages: Received={{msgsControl}}, Sent={{msgsCtrlSent}}



Control messages always appear out of port #2 of the uibuilder node whether they are from the server or the client. The from property of the message tells you where it came from.

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